Our Philosphy

Our mission is to make the cutest, happiest, most effective skincare products on the planet. We believe that when you feel good, you look good, so we make all of our products with joy in mind. Confidence is in - we help you show it.


Hi, I’m Lindsey, the founder of Kiramoon! At the height of my career in 2017 I was anxious, exhausted, and completely overworking myself. After a long day, my skincare routine became a magical moment of joy and delight in an otherwise disenchanting reality. When I realized that the packaging of my favorite skincare products didn’t match the magic feeling they evoked, I knew the industry was missing something. The stars aligned, and my idea for Kiramoon was born.

My approach to skincare is joyful, whimsical and playful. It comes from a place of self-love and happiness. My dream is for Kiramoon to add some magic to your beauty routine and put a smile on your face after a long day.

I currently reside in sunny Austin, TX with my dog, Mouse. We enjoy barre, 90’s rom-coms, and of course, doing our skincare routines :)

xo Lindsey

Let’s end the

With every Kiramoon purchase we donate a portion to Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

Here’s what
we’re into

Friendship / Mental Health / Self-care / Joy / Positivity / Kindness / Inclusivity / Authenticity / Self-acceptance / Forgiveness